Winconcept Design wishes to perfect the market in the area, by bringing a net superior quality together with our main suppliers, Aluprof and Somfy, by a careful selection of raw material and it wishes to bring our clients a competitive relation between quality and price, according to European standards.

With experience in the area of solar protection systems, our company prepared various types of external rolls for various situations, which bring multiple advantages to the houses:

  • Advantages
  • Natural cooling
  • Shade in the rooms
  • Intimacy
  • Soundproof
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Aesthetic role

Important to know

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art line and the team of professionals with an extensive experience in the area, providing the highest quality of our products.

We address first of all to all those who appreciate the technical features of modern systems of rolls. The general features of our products are: quality, style, refinement; all at an acceptable price.

Aside from clear superior quality, we provide our clients also online technical support.

Contact us with confidence and our team can help you materialize your plans and ideas.

All our products are certified.

Do you need more details?

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