Overlapping rolls

The overlapping rolls system is created for installation on newly constructed buildings as well as on those on course of reconstruction. Due to a wide range of colors, these overlapping rolls are the ideal decorative element, which can be adapted to any type of building design. The front part of the box for the roll represents the basis for any finishing material. And this is why, although an integrant part of the building façade, the box is not visible on the outside.

A good configuration of the rolls, as well as choosing the right materials, will protect you from the unwanted looks of curious people. Moreover, the inside insulation of the box for the roll provides, at the same time, an excellent insulation which allows an important decrease of expenses on heating during cold season as well as cooling in the hot season. The use of individual Moskito net system will offer you more protection against insects, without stopping the natural light and air to come inside.

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  • SKT1

    Overlapping roll SKT

    There are 3 sizes of boxes SKT: of 170 mm, 210 mm, 255 mm with 2 options, with or without insect nets.