Plastering rolls

The plastering rolls system is used more on new buildings, but it can be assembled also on already existing buildings. The curtains in the SP system are composed of external finishing of the building by full integration. The other elements, meaning the revision box and the guiding can be colored depending on the color of joinery.

The wide range of colors which they can be painted in welcomes the needs of the most demanding clients. The colors of extruded elements are made by dust coating, which ensures a high quality and resistance of the product.

The modern construction of SP box allows the performance of conservation works and servicing of mechanical elements of rolls without disturbing the inhabitants.

Activating the roll can be done either manually or electrically with the help of a control system, which allows a confortable use. At the plastering rolls system, we offer also the version with net against insects, which in the hot days makes possible a much bigger protection against insects by maintain the light debit and fresh air inside.

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  • SP1

    Plastering roll SP

    There are 4 sizes of box for the rolls SP: 137mm, 165 mm, 180 mm, 205 mm.